Sarah B. Odom, Ph.D.

Employee Profile/Experience

Through previous work experience, educational training, continual graduate work, and ongoing professional learning opportunities, I have the ability to perform the following activities as well as learn new techniques and methods as needed:

Chief Executive Officer of Vann-Ray, LLC

Lead student and educator motivational and educational consulting business in a nation-wide effort to provide students and educators with the support and motivation to move forward towards a 21st Century educational focus on college and careers. Lead students through motivational and educational techniques through written materials and online support. Lead teachers through motivational and educational techniques through professional learning opportunities, written materials and presentations, and online support. Evaluate programs for 21st Century with unbiased professional evaluation practices. Provide professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators.



Educational Researcher

Conduct educational research in the area of student assessment. Design and conduct educational studies to add to the general knowledge of research-based strategies for educators. Conduct educational research in the area of instructional strategies to meet the needs of various sub-populations within public classrooms.

Educational Specialist

Analyze, develop, design, implement, and evaluate various programs needed within a school district to meet the requirements of NCLB and future reauthorization. Experience in writing school improvement plans and implementing them as well as performing program evaluations for the implementation of the school improvement plan. Familiar with the ten components of NCLB that must be embedded in school improvement plans.

Course Designing

Design online courses using a variety of methods, with experience in eCollege, Blackboard, and Desire 2 Learn. Design a variety of educational and training materials to be used in a distance- learning environment, displaying instructional design skills and technology performance.

Instructional Design

Design various types of instruction using current instructional systems and strategies. Evaluate existing training methods and recommend continuance or changes of those methods. Serve as a team player and leader in the implementation of training programs within a learning organization, having few or many team players.


Provide expertise in training to entities asking for assistance in needs assessment and the implementation of a training program. Provide current research and problem solving techniques to clients on an as-needed basis. Provide workshop training for those needing miniature training sessions within an organization.

Secondary Science Instructor

Instruct students in a composite of science courses ranging from seventh to twelfth grade. Maintain Highly Qualified Status according to NCLB and the State Department of Education in all states, having also completed the Praxis Test for General and Science Components with a satisfactory score for highly qualified certification. Use technology and hands-on labs to complement the National Science Standards and STEM for education of students.

Sarah B. Odom, Ph.D.


  • M.A. in Management and Leadership January 2009-May 2011 Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • M.Ed.. in Teaching and Learning, August 2006- December 2008 Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia
  • Ph.D. Instructional Design, January, 2004-July, 2006 University of South Alabama
  • M.S. Instructional Design, Performance Technology, May, 2002- December, 2003 University of South Alabama
  • B.S. Secondary Education, Science Composite, August, 1993- December 1995 University of South Alabama
  • Associate Degree in General Studies, August, 1991-May, 1993 Alabama Southern Community College


  • Vann-Ray, LLC 2012- present President & Chief Executive Officer
  • University of West Indies 2019- present Adjunct Instructor
  • Software Technology, Inc. 2009 - 2012: Chief Academic Officer of Achievement Services
  • Software Technology, Inc. 2007-2009 Director of Achievement Services
  • Software Technology Inc., 2006-2007 Assessment Specialist
  • Choctaw County Board of Education, 2005-2006 School Improvement Specialist and Professional Development Provider
  • Alabama State Department of Education, 2006-2007 ACCESS Online Teacher
  • Alabama State Department of Education, 2006 ACCESS Course Developer and Consultant
  • Mobile County Public School Educator, 1996-2005 Lott Middle School
  • Alabama Southern Community College, 1996-2004 Upward Bound


Vann-Ray, LLC is a coaching and consulting business equipped to help educators and students achieve their goals. Whether it is professional learning that is needed, or whether students need help with soft skills and motivation, Vann-Ray, LLC has a customized plan to help.

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