Vann-Ray Blog

I've been working this week at my local high school... always brings back memories... and I always love getting to know each group of students I have.  I've been providing ACT prep for about seven years now.  While I do enjoy helping kids prepare for the ever-so-important ACT here in Alabama, I really like going for a completely different reason...well, actually for a lot of reasons.

However in listening to random conversations, my heart was touched as well.  I realized some of these kids have real issues.  And while I didn't jump in their conversations and say anything, I could identify with some of them more than they will ever know.  

I was only there 3 days, and I know I wish I could do more. I can only imagine the burdens their teachers bare each and every day when they hear the same stories. Another thing I noticed, whether the kids came from affluent homes or not, they all have problems... not like my "big" adulting problems... or so I think... but they all struggle.  

I pray that I always remember those younger than I, and I pray I remember what it is like to have uncertainty... apprehensions... worries over the future.  The kids at my dear alma mater may not remember the difference between "there, their, and they're" or that the circumference of a circle is 2πr, but I hope they remember Dr. Odom cared.  And even if they don't "want" me to care so much, I still do!

Can't wait to see if anything transferred in the coming weeks!

Dr. O