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Going Green

We are GOING GREEN at Vann Ray, LLC. Our STEM KIT ENDEAVOR is in the planning stages, and we need input from our great educators.  Our kits will be designed to have all needed supplies, curriculum to support teacher, assessment aligned to NGSS and CCSS standards, scientific method experimental design with data collection, and technology links.  All materials and curriculum supports will be written on grade level and in kid-friendly terms. We are sharing our initial Kindergarten proposal with teachers.

We Need Your Feedback

Please take a moment to submit two answers to the following questions for us, and you are welcome to provide as much feedback as you like.

  1. Have we included all that you will need in our kit proposal?
  2. Do you feel our kit will be beneficial to your science curriculum?

We appreciate all feedback.  Here is our Kindergarten Proposal for our first STEM Kit: