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Are you ready?  It's that time of year again!  Time for tests.  I don't think anyone truly loves a test... well maybe a few folks. But they are a necessary evil.  Are you prepared?  Do you think you have what it takes to score well? Do tests even matter to you? I hope so.  There are several things you can do to help you prepare for a test.

  1. Know how the tests will be written.  Look for clues. Find old examples. Ask your teachers for help. It's never a good thing to walk into a room and be given a test when you have no clue what is going to be on the test.  So do your research. Find out.
  2. Spend time reviewing things you may have forgotten.  Sometimes it's the easier test items that trip you up because you haven't reviewed the information. What is the formula for area of a circle? What is the author's purpose of a story? How do you summarize a paragraph? What are the rules for using commas?
  3. Have a positive attitude about the assessment.  Go into the test thinking you will ace it.  Do not allow your apprehension about what you may not know cause you to freeze up on the test.  Always stay positive throughout the assessment.
  4. Make sure you have adequate rest before the assessment. You will not do your best if your brain and body are tired on test day.  Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour.  If you have trouble falling to sleep, use that time to review your notes again.  Usually they will put you to sleep. But do your best to have a good night's rest and wake up refreshed and ready for the exam.
  5. Feed your brain and water your brain before the test.  The brain requires both food and water. Your brain depends on water to fire like it needs to as you need new information.  It also needs plenty of nutrients to keep it in action throughout a lengthy assessment.  Nuts are often a great way to refuel the brain, if you are not allergic.  But you definitely need proteins.  Don't overdo the carbs as you might find yourself dropping too quickly before the test is over.

There are many other little things you can do to prepare.  Endurance is also important.  If you have never attempted to take a long assessment, you might find it difficult to stay focused.  So practice enduring long periods of assessment work long before you have to take the real assessment.  

While you may not appreciate or care about having to take long mandated standardized assessments, the training you put your body and mind through will pay off in your future.  Many jobs require the same sort of concentration and endurance throughout life.  So, don't lose heart.  Assessments truly do have their place, and they are in fact good for you.

Hang on! Test are Coming!