Vann-Ray Blog

Someone recently made a statement: "People only care about children when they are babies." Well, I'll be the first to admit I love a baby.  But I also love kids at all ages.  They remind me of my youth, and as I approach 50 this year, I need to be reminded daily of my youth.  Nevertheless, I understand with age comes more problems.  Difficulties are not easy for anyone.  Drugs... the wrong crowd... apathy... social disorders... depression... so many things come into play as our children grow older... UNLESS! Unless we invest in them. 

My husband said something to me just yesterday.  He said, "You just couldn't help yourself, could you?"  You want to know why he said that?  It was because I ordered not 1 but 2 globes yesterday: one for the continents and countries, and one for the constellations and stars. That's not unrealistic you might think.  Well I ordered them for a 4 year old and a 10 month old. And my grands already have a complete skeleton, not to mention we've already been through an ant farm, hedge hog, numerous STEM projects... Why?  Because I believe in INVESTING not COMPLAINING about our kids. (Well to be truthful, I do my fair share of complaining too.) But my point is, if I have to write a children's book every month for the rest of my life, I'm willing to do it. 

Next week I'll make yet another trip to our local high school, and I will do my best to encourage, tutor, and train students to make a higher score on their ACT. I'll be honest... if the weather would be right, I'd rather go fishing.  But I know these kids depend on someone to INVEST in them, and someone invested in me... So, today, I'm working on a fresh look at the ACT.  

Enough on me... What about you?  What are YOU doing to INVEST in the lives of our kids.  You may quickly say, "I feed them; I clothe them; and I make sure they have the necessities in life."  That is good!  Actually, in this society if you do these things, that is GREAT.  But could I tell you there is even more you can do... without a lot of cost? You can be a mentor.  You can provide them with a safe place to be in the evening hours.  You can sponsor a class project.  You can offer to go on a field trip with them. You can buy them a leadership book.  You can buy school supplies.  You can tell a kid you believe in HIM or HER! 

As I approach my golden years, when I might need a little extra help, I want to go into them knowing I invested my life in those around me.  I want my kids and grandkids to look at my life and say, "Mimsy believed in us." What about you?  What's your legacy among the younger gens? What shall they say about you?

INVEST! Invest well! Invest in kids!